Relationships in Med School: Pros, Cons, and How to Make it Work.

We asked our community to share their stories of finding love through a shared Temple connection. We married the day after my graduation on May 23, and now have been married for 22 years this May. We have two children, Sophia, 14 and Andre, We have fond memories of Temple. Temple shaped our path in more ways than one and we are forever grateful to be part of the Temple family. After 33 years of marriage, sharing a life in medicine, and seeing our 2 children embark on careers in medicine and also graduating from TUSM, I have a lot to say to my former Dean!

Romance in medical school? These students say yes

The idea is that you gulp, swallowing big but manageable amounts and manage to just keep drinking. Intelligence may not help you. Big fish, big pond: Everyone in medical school will be a copy of you. Some will be better copies of you.

“Adriana and I met at Temple Med School and I wooed her with my ZX we didn’t actually start dating until the second year of med school. classmate and friend Nick Hadjokas served as our wedding officiator.

In undergrad, I had one bad relationship that left me hurt for a few months and subsequently have not dated anyone since. Lastly, if you are aiming for a more competitive speciality where you may not have a choice on location could having a SO potentially limit your CARMS options? During pre-clerkship you have one of the most carefree periods of your adult life.

It is a good time. No, it’s a great time! You are a champ at the undergrad routine and pre-clerkship is more of the same old lifestyle. You will probably find more free time to date early on in med school. Use this time to do everything you wanted to do. When this time is gone it is a long haul until you have such luxury. Once clerkship happens you have less time and an irregular schedule. This will impact your ability to sync up with potential significant others.

Washing your clothes can be difficult let alone dating. If you are in a relationship prior to clerkship this time can be an adjustment as well Now I’m not saying that you will live like a monk after preclerkship.

Temple Love Stories

After making it through the first year, one U-M medical student discovered that the learning process is far from finished. Here, she shares more nuggets of wisdom. The summer between M1 and M2 years was a beautiful 11 weeks full of research and vacation. It was a time to refocus and refresh for the next year of study.

Instead, he called on a meditation exercise he’d learned from a med school classmate. In a few Mark and I have been dating for several months. I knew I was.

From the outside, the medical student life is, unfortunately, not the most glamorous. In general, maintaining a healthy, balanced, and fun relationship is tough, but with its demanding requirements, med school poses some unique challenges to any couple:. Still, there is hope, and it can be done! Many of my classmates are in serious relationships some with other med students in ours or different classes , a handful are engaged, and even fewer are married. Read more about my own experience of dating while in med school in my next blog!

Meghan graduated from Albany Medical College in May She’s moving on to practice as a family medicine resident in upstate New York. In general, maintaining a healthy, balanced, and fun relationship is tough, but with its demanding requirements, med school poses some unique challenges to any couple: We only talk about med school. Our schedules are unpredictable. As third and fourth year medical students, we will be working many hours each week including shifts of overnight and weekend call and may even be rotating in another city for weeks at a time.

Most of our time is spent in the library. After four short years of medical school, my classmates and I will be scattered all around the country to continue our training as residents for three to seven years with the added possibility of moving somewhere to continue a fellowship.

The Person You’re Dating is in Med School? Here’s How to Deal

Being single allows you more time to reflect on what is important, such as school or, more importantly, to have fun. Or you may not. Exploring the classmate route may cause drama you were too foolish to foresee, but there are plenty of possibilities outside of the medical school! I have met romantic prospects in the law school, at the Hispanic Heritage Festival, and while waiting for a friend at Bar Louie.

Pros and Cons of dating your med school classmate or a co-resident Dubbed Med Cest You’ll notice this phenomenon. Suddenly a bunch will.

The choices you make after college are going to affect your relationships. Intense programs like med school and law school will change the dynamic you have with your significant other. As will certain jobs. Now, as her boyfriend embarks on his first year of medical school, she is taking the next step in furthering her education.

Katherine admits that this first year with adjusting to her boyfriend being a med student has been challenging. She works evenings and he is often asleep by the time she gets home and then already at school when she wakes up. But we make it work. She is so thankful that there was an orientation seminar for new students entering into John A.

Some of the best advice they gave to incoming med students was to pick a duration of time during the week that you devote to each other. This goes for both parties or family members. We typically make a big breakfast, go to the beach or on a hike, and reconvene in the evening to cook dinner and watch a movie. That time together allows you both to recharge after your busy and largely independent workweeks.

Her advice to combat this is to never let yourself believe that just because your partner is pursuing a career as an MD that you and your career are in some way of lesser value.


The two contributed to fulfilling that forecast fast. Within a month, Jacque had taken Sean home to meet her family, and Sean had basically moved into her apartment. They married right before graduation, and even hope to practice medicine together someday.

My sister got married in her second year of med school. She had many classmates with spouses and babies. I’m sure there’s If dating makes you happy and could help you cope with the stress, I say give it a shot! Helpful (5).

I am a first year medical student. I got into medical school! Dont get me wrong, im still in love with medicine and I feel amazing about being in medical school. We all heard about the pressure, hard work, and insane workload of medical school but i didnt think i would be not be having time to breathe. I studied only hours originally, but its not enough.

My upperclassman told me i need to be studying hours to master the material.

Medical Student Perspective: How relationships in medical school will make you a better doctor

Over the past week, I conducted a survey with the above title on members of 2k18 class. I have to say, I received some note-worthy responses and here they are: YES I believe dating girls outside our class will be tasking considering difference in interests, our tight schedules and problems with commitment. Over a period of time, we would have come to understand our classmates.

NO I will feel suffocated and choked up.

Key tips for dating a medical student. Medical students may face particular relationship challenges if their significant other doesn’t have.

Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts. Share this podcast with your loved one who is going through this process with you. This will help both of you. Sarah Epstein is a Marriage and Family Therapist, and her husband is a second-year emergency medicine resident. They started dating when he was starting to study for the MCAT. Sarah is the author of Love in the Time of Medical School. We talk about how you can keep your relationships strong. In her book, she talks about keeping relationships going through the stressful time of being a premed, being a medical student, and being a physician.

Sarah explains that those who are significant others of premeds and medical schools have a lot of challenges, both that a couple faces together and that the significant other deals with on their own.

The Perfect Match

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Keep up the good work.

I am absolutely convinced that quite a few of my female classmates will not find a I did date several future doctors when I was in college and med school, who.

Midtown, Hyde Park, Brookline. Soon I will be looking for an apartment. Strange though it sounds, it will be hard to improve upon the one I have on the medical school campus. Our class moved into Harkness Dormitory in August , after renovations had polished it back to new. The doors swung smoothly. The floors were so clean that it felt like sacrilege the first time your bare feet felt the crunch of dirt on them.

The low-pitched, constant whoosh of building ventilators coming from the courtyard—or the ripping decibels of motorcycles on the Frontage Road side—became our lullabies. New Haven was no novelty to me; I could have picked out a porch-and-yard in the Grad Ghetto in the East Rock neighborhood or on Prospect Street with English and physics students as neighbors. But I wanted to start medical school with my very own class. I nested quickly, decorating the door with photos from magazines and the obligatory message board, and coming to relish the view from my window: food-cart picnickers on the grass, day-care kids playing and always the stately Sterling Hall of Medicine, with odd windows lit at night.

The eighth floor was all-female, and peaceful.

Med School: Relationships

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